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Peace Mala Registered Office,
122 Clydach Road,
Swansea SA6 6QB,
Wales UK.
Tel: +44 (0) 1792 774225
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Accredited Schools

Hafod Primary School
Odo Street
Swansea SA1 2LT
Wales UK
Tel: +44 01792 461356
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Re-Accreditation Report

Woodheys Primary School
Cheshire, M33 4PG
England UK
Tel: 0161 973 4478
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Re-Accreditation May 2013

Catwg Primary School
Main Road
West Glamorgan
Neath Port Talbot
SA10 8BL
Wales UK
Tel: 01639 642731
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Re-Accreditation Autumn 2014

Penllergaer Primary School
Pontarddulais Road
Wales UK
Head: Mrs Jayne Woolcock
Tel: 01792 892354
Fax: 01792 891767
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Accreditation Self-Assessment Form

Lum Head Primary School
Troutbeck Road
England UK
Tel: 0161 428 7992
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St. Teilo's Church in Wales High School
Llanedeyrn Road
CF23 9DT
Wales UK
Tel: 02920 434700
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Alma Park Primary School
Errwood Road
M19 2PF
England UK
Tel: 0161 224 8789
Fax: 0161 224 8789
Re-Accreditation Self Evaluation Form 2015

Crab Lane Community Primary School
Crab Lane
Higher Blackley
M9 8NB
England UK
Tel: 0161 740 2851
Crab Lane Primary School Self Assessment Form

Newall Green Primary School
Firbank Road
M23 2YH
England UK
Tel: 0161 437 2872
Head Teacher: Sarah Rudd
Newall Green Primary Self Evaluation Accreditation Evidence

Rolls Crescent Primary School
Rolls Crescent
M15 5FT
England UK
Tel: +44 (0) 161 234 1090
Head Teacher: Wendy Zaidi
Rolls Crescent Primary Accreditation Self-Assessment Report

Christchurch Church in Wales Primary School
Rodney Street
Wales UK
Tel: +44 (0) 1792 510900
Head Teacher: Mrs Helen-Marie Davies
Christchurch Primary Accreditation Self-Assessment Report
Christchurch Primary Accreditation Evidence

St Joseph's Catholic Primary School
Pontardawe Road
Wales UK
Tel: +44 (0) 01792 842494
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Accredited Youth Groups

The Doves meet regularly on Sunday nights between 7 and 9pm at the Hall in St David's Priory Catholic Church, Swansea Wales UK
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5th Carmarthenshire Scouts
5th Carmarthenshire Scouts Self Assessment Form

Accredited Community Groups

Community House Newport
Presbyterian Church of Wales
Eton Rd
Newport, NP19 0BL
Wales UK
Tel: 01633 265486, Ingrid Wilson (Chair of the Management Committee)
Re-Accreditation Evidence 2014
Evidence Album 2014

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Criteria Document
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peace mala
"The voices of intolerance are all around us - the voice of
tolerance needs to be louder"

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Registered Charity No. 1118053

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How you can support
Peace Mala online

Help our Symbolic Doves of Peace Travel the World

Sponsor a Peace Mala Dove and Become a Friend of Peace Mala

We are living in difficult times with much fear, ignorance and violence in our world. All the more need, therefore, for Peace Mala - a multi award winning educational project for global citizenship and peace which began in Wales and whose head office is based in Morriston, Swansea.

Peace Mala released 14 small symbolic doves made from wood painted in the Peace Mala colours and each carrying a Peace Mala bracelet (along with other items) during a ceremony that took place in our peace garden on 30th April 2015. Click here to view a gallery of photographs taken at the ceremony.

For the ceremony we were joined by The Deputy Lord Mayor of the City and County of Swansea, the Mayor and Mayoress of Neath Port Talbot, Regional Chief of Police, Bishop Tom Burns of Menevia, representatives of several faith communities and pupils and teachers from some of our local Peace Mala Accredited schools.

We were also joined by teachers and supporters from outside of Wales.

Photo taken by Geoff Akhurst of the Baha'i Community of Swansea

Some of our symbolic doves will travel for approximately three months. Others will travel for much longer. During that time we hope they will raise awareness of the work of Peace Mala with schools, youth groups and community groups wherever they travel to in the UK or in other parts of the world.

We have already been informed that three of our doves have travelled to the USA. Others will be travelling to Ireland, Holland, Italy, Cyprus, Israel, Africa, Hong Kong and Japan.

One of our doves will be the Inter-Faith Dove of Peace and will travel between the religious and faith communities of South Wales, starting with the Abrahamic faiths first. It will then travel to Manchester where the Naqshbandi Sufi Order of Islam will be the first to receive it before passing the dove on to other faith groups in the city.

The journeys of the 14 doves are being tracked to provide an exciting geography project for schools and youth groups. This information is already being published on Facebook, Twitter and our website for everyone to follow.

Click here to view a gallery of some of the photos that have been sent to us from various people and locations.

Below is our interactive map of the world which shows you where our doves have travelled to:

Each dove is being sponsored on its travels, thereby bringing financial support and security for the future work of the Peace Mala educational charity.

Sponsorship of the Symbolic Doves of Peace
Each of the 14 symbolic peace doves is being passed on from sponsor to sponsor in the hope of generating financial support for the Peace Mala charity. Our idea is that as the 14 doves travel on their journeys, they will generate income that will make Peace Mala's work and future more secure.

Doves may be sponsored by people becoming 'Friends of Peace Mala' with Regular Giving Monthly or an Annual Donation. Another option is a 'one off' Direct Donation to sponsor a dove. Please download the form for your particular choice of sponsorship from the following list and follow the instructions below.
Regular Giving Monthly (individuals)
Annual Donation (individuals)
Annual Donation (groups/organisations)
Direct Donation (individuals/groups/organisations)

Whichever option sponsors choose, Peace Mala will be very grateful for the support.

What to do if you decide to set up sponsorship for one of our Symbolic Peace Doves:

  • Let us know immediately that you wish to do this and send us a copy of your sponsorship form (the two attached forms will be linked to here. We will then let you know which numbered dove you can expect to receive and who will be sending it to you.
  • When the peace dove arrives, we ask that recipients let us know at once so that we can keep track of where the doves are and publish the information on Facebook, Twitter and our website.
  • If schools, faith groups or organisations receive our doves, we would like them to have a whole school assembly or at least a meeting to raise awareness of the peace dove's arrival and the work and vision of Peace Mala. We hope they will also read out the Global Peace Prayer which will arrive with each dove.

Our Supporting Peace Mala Online page shows you ways of supporting us both at home and from abroad

Please contact our office if you wish to support this initiative and sponsor one of our doves.

peace  mala bracelets
Photo - Amy Rebecca

Peace Mala focuses on the Golden Rule. Its intention is to educate and remind everyone that this rule is recognised by many scholars, teachers and philosophers.

childrens hands wearing peace malas

A Peace Mala is a symbolic bracelet that promotes friendship, respect and peace between the faiths and all people in our world. It cuts through all forms of prejudice and celebrates what makes us different from each other.

It is a vision for the future. Wearing the Peace Mala is a promise to help create a better world.

Peace Mala Accreditation

How it benefits children, young people and the whole community

Click here to find out

peace mala bracelet
Peace Mala beads are protected by
UK Design Registration No 3008422
peace mala bracelet
Peace Mala Kits for
the Classsroom or Youth Groups
bespoke sterling silver peace mala
Bespoke Peace Mala
in solid sterling silver

Peace Mala - An inspirational idea from Wales

peace mala ®

Peace Mala is a multi award winning project for peace that I began in 2001, in response to the racial and religious bullying of pupils in my school that came out of the 9/11 aftermath.

A Peace Mala is a symbolic double rainbow bracelet that promotes friendship, respect and peace between people of all cultures, lifestyles, faiths, beliefs and none. It is a vision for the future. Wearing the Peace Mala is a promise to help create a better world.

When creating the design for the Peace Mala bracelet I was aware that the rainbow is an important symbolic link between heaven and earth in many cultures. Rainbows are rare and magical and double rainbows even more so. I also realised that the rainbow design would appeal especially to children and young people. Interestingly, when Peace Mala was launched in the UNA Wales Temple of Peace in Cardiff on Wednesday 27th November 2002, a double rainbow appeared in the sky after the ceremonies had finished. Those of us who were present felt it was an auspicious sign.

The Peace Mala bracelet comprises of fourteen coloured beads with a central white or frosted white bead strung between symbolic knots. The central white bead represents the wearer. The final single bead is used as a toggle to bring the bracelet around the wearer's wrist. This represents unity, harmony and peace.

Peace Mala focuses on the Golden Rule. Its intention is to educate and remind everyone that this rule is recognised by many scholars, teachers and philosophers. It is also universal to all compassionate faiths. Simply stated, it is:

"Treat others as you would wish them to treat you."

This is the central message of the Peace Mala bracelet. Its intention is to cut through all forms of prejudice, to confront bullying, to support human rights and to celebrate what makes us different from each other. Fourteen spiritual traditions, along with their individual versions of the Golden Rule, are represented on the bracelet.

Peace Mala reminds us that we all belong and that communities filled with colour and difference make life more interesting and exciting.

The word 'mala' is Sanskrit and means 'garland of flowers'. In the East a mala is a string of beads used in meditation or prayer as each bead or 'flower' focuses on a prayer or mantra. Our mala is different. It's purpose is not for devotional use though it may be used in that way if the wearer so wishes. The rainbow beads on this mala of peace focus on the Golden Rule. They also represent the human family in all its glorious diversity and Divine potential.

Peace Mala is a non-political, non-religious charitable organisation. We do not support any political party, movement or belief system over any other. Our aim is to contribute to education for global citizenship by inviting all people to treat each other with respect regardless of race, colour, religion, gender, sexuality, size, age or ability. Our compassionate wish is for people, animals and the environment to be at peace.

Peace Mala Accreditation for Schools, Youth Groups and Community Groups is awarded when seven areas of action have been completed successfully as outlined in the teacher, youth or community leader self assessment form available on our website. These seven areas fit into the heart-centre of a school, youth group or community group's values system and are in line with the objectives and vision of Peace Mala.

Peace Mala is totally inclusive in its approach. With Peace Mala Accreditation everyone is encouraged to engage in exciting activities which remind us that we are all inter-connected and need each other.

peace mala dove

As a teacher of World Faiths, I've known about the Golden Rule for many years. In the aftermath of the events of 9/11, when some pupils in my school were being bullied because of their race or religion, I remembered the Golden Rule of all faiths. This inspired me to create the Peace Mala - a symbolic bracelet which would help young people understand the fundamental rule that all compassionate faiths share. I hoped that it would educate my pupils in a fun way and help stop the bullying. To my great joy it did! It spread through the school like wildfire.

When I told members of the different faiths about my idea, they responded very positively and later helped us to launch the Peace Mala project at the WCIA/UNA Wales Temple of Peace in Cardiff, using the Golden Rule as a message of peace for our communities and our world.

With my prayers for a more compassionate world,
Pam Evans

Peace Mala ®
Registered Charity No 1118053

Endorsed by His Holiness The Dalai Lama of Tibet and Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu

"Creative Education that Empowers and Embraces All
Uniting the World in Peace"

Directors of Peace Mala: Pam Evans, Norma Glass MBE, Martin Green, Pam El-Hosaini

Peace Mala and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

The vision and work of Peace Mala clearly aligns with this UN Convention. Click on the UN Logo opposite to download a document outlining this.


The Peace Mala is a fashion item to wear on the wrist and also a practical teaching aid which can be used with youngsters to help promote awareness, tolerance and respect between all communities.

Members of the original Peace Mala Youth Team

Each coloured bead on the Peace Mala represents a spiritual path or faith and carries the universal peace message known by many people as the Golden Rule. This rule encourages us to treat others as we wish to be treated. By focusing on the Golden Rule, people of all faiths can cooperate with one another without having to participate or believe in each other's particular belief system. This is a basis on which believers of all faiths and spiritual paths can work together for peace and mutual respect.

Running through the peace mala is a simple thread which holds all the rainbow beads together. This may be called the Golden Thread of Spirituality which connects us all through the love in our hearts: acknowledging the Golden Rule and our spiritual unity opens up the pathway to peace.

The Peace Mala is a vision of the future which celebrates diversity, while promoting unity, awareness, tolerance, compassion, forgiveness, and respect. Wearing the Peace Mala is a promise to help create a better world.

Watch the Peace Mala Educational Video

   The music playing is sung, written and composed by Denise Hagan used for our website with her kind permission.

Denise Hagan's endorsement of Peace Mala:
This magnificent project is such an enormous gift to our world that I can't speak highly enough of it. It is a jewel for every man woman and child on this earth and its magical appeal is in its universality and simplicity. I hold the vision that every person on earth will soon wear this beautiful peace symbol upon their arm so that we all might remember the One Love from which we come.
Denise Hagan

Peace begins within each one of us.

Peace Mala is an ethically guided "non profit taking" organisation. All surplus monies made from the sale of Peace Malas, Peace Mala Kits, Teachers Guides, CD Rom Power-Point Presentations and other Peace Mala products will be used to promote the vision of the Peace Mala in schools, youth clubs, churches, spiritual centres of all traditions and all places of learning.

Actor Michael Sheen with pupils from Catwg Primary School
Actor Michael Sheen with
pupils from Catwg Primary School

Bonnie Tyler
Bonnie Tyler with her
Bespoke Silver Peace Mala

Isabel Losada
Isabel Losada
Yenong Gu and Peter Hong
Yenong Gu and Peter Hong

Wearing Peace Malas with pride - click here for more pictures

Main aims of Peace Mala
  • Education for global citizenship through the promotion of understanding, respect, friendship, tolerance and peace between all communities, cultures and enlightened, compassionate faiths.
  • Peace Mala supports human rights, confronts bullying and all forms of prejudice.
  • Peace Mala raises awareness of issues of global interdependence and encourages active compassion by learners that will effect positive changes locally and globally.
  • It is important for young people to learn that the diversity of the human race should be celebrated and not feared. Making and wearing the Peace Mala will give youngsters an opportunity to take part in this wonderful project for world peace. It will also introduce young people to our plural community of diverse cultures and faiths. Young people can learn that communities filled with colour and difference make life more interesting and exciting.

    We hope that the Peace Mala will stimulate interest and encourage youngsters and adults to find out more about the faiths represented on it.

    We hope that teachers and leaders of faith communities will join in this initiative and help spread the message of love, respect and peace through places of worship, Sunday Schools, Youth clubs, schools, colleges and other centres of learning.

    Peace Mala loves Planet Earth

    planet earth

    This message comes from all of us at Peace Mala with love to all of you who walk this beautiful planet we call Earth.

  • May it motivate us all to give thanks for the awesome beauty and majesty of our planet.
  • May we stop a while and think of all the life forms, including human kind, who share this planet.
  • May we consider the future of this planet and all who will live on it, long after all of you and all of us have departed this life.
  • May there be compassion and justice in the hearts and minds of those who hold power in governments and all areas of commerce, religion and education.
  • Do whatever you can to help make this a better world.
  • Send out a prayer to all who suffer on this planet at this present time, including animals and the environment. Please do it now...before you forget!
  • earth's ozone layer

    This photograph, taken on October 1st 1998, shows the damage to the Earth's ozone layer. What it doesn't show is the suffering being endured by many of Earth's inhabitants, including humankind.

    Peace Mala Green Rule: "Honour planet earth. Show compassion to all living beings and respect the environment."

    Peace begins within each one of us.
    With our prayers and good wishes

    Pam Evans
    Pam Evans
    Founder of the Award Winning Peace Mala project for World Peace

    Pam Evans is the founder of the Peace Mala. She is an honours graduate of the University of Wales and is an experienced teacher of World Faiths. Pam worked for over twenty years as Head of Department of Religious Studies in a Carmarthenshire school in West Wales.

    Pam is a member of the Anglican Church in Wales and is an Associate of the Society of the Sacred Cross (Tymawr Convent Lydart Monmouth). She is deeply involved with the Christian Buddhist Network of Great Britain and continues to study the mystical traditions of our world. Pam practices meditation and prayer on a daily basis and is a Reiki & Seichim Master Teacher and healer.

    Pam is committed to inter-faith dialogue for peace. She sees this as a vital process in the current world climate of fear and misunderstanding. Her creation of the Peace Mala was certainly born out of the 9/11 disaster but was also influenced by personal experience and witness of intolerance and prejudice.

    For more information on Pam and her work, please click here.


    If the purpose of the Peace Mala has struck a chord with you, you may want to help us in our initiative to fight prejudice and intolerance.

    Donations to Peace Mala will be very welcome and used to promote the message of harmony and respect.

    Please visit our Supporting the Peace Mala page which outlines the various ways you can help us - including options which enable you to support us at no cost to yourself.

    For information about the Peace Mala please contact us at
    or telephone 01792 774225.

    Peace Mala's excellence has been recognised by the following:
    inter faith network uk   connect   millennium awards   coop community dividend award   carmarthenshire police community challenge award   childline cymru   cewc right-on national competition to promote human rights   awards for all (wales)   community development foundation   corus   unboxed awards   awards for all (wales)
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    Peace Mala is a private company limited by guarantee and not having a share capital.
    Reg. No. 5218083, Registered office: 122 Clydach Road, Morriston, Swansea SA6 6QB
    Registered Charity No. 1118053


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