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"The voices of intolerance are all around us - the voice of
tolerance needs to be louder"

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Peace Mala Accreditation

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How it benefits children, young people and the whole community.

Hafod Primary School Swansea Receiving their Peace Mala Accreditation certificate from Huw Lewis AM Minister for Education and Skills with the Welsh Government

Peace Mala is a unique, multi award winning educational project which provides a complete, effective and innovative answer to all the requirements of the Government's ESDGC directive (Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship).

What are the benefits of Peace Mala Accreditation?
Peace Mala Accreditation is not an 'add on' extra-curricular activity. It can be delivered through the existing curriculum involving change in emphasis rather than new work.

Peace Mala Accreditation is a cost effective initiative which provides teachers and leaders of youth and community groups with the keys to educate and equip children and young people with necessary life skills through engaging in cross-curricular activities focusing on seven separate but related areas:

  • Community cohesion and global citizenship - using the Golden Rule, "Treat others as you would wish them to treat you", as a focus to encourage positive relations between young people, their plural community and international cultures.
  • Needs and human rights - emphasising to young people their rights and those of others, and how these rights prevent bullying and all forms of prejudice.
  • Interdependence - stressing that how we behave in life affects everyone we meet and how an awareness of this can help create a better world.
  • Active compassion - advocating that learners will make wholesome changes locally and globally, and become positive example to their peers.
  • Celebrating diversity - creative, innovative celebrations which include the involvement of local cultural communities, such as faith and ethnic groups.
  • Environmental responsibilities and sustainable change - promoting environmental sustainability, healthy eating, and respect for all animals and wildlife.
  • Conflict resolution and peace education - engaging learners in peace focused-activities which encourage conflict resolution.

We have a PowerPoint Presentation explaining the benefits of Peace Mala Accreditation available from our DropBox account.

Peace Mala Accreditation Presentation

Woodheys Primary School Cheshire

Penllergaer Primary School, Swansea opening their Peace Garden

The work of Peace Mala is not a luxury or a decoration. It is about transforming the lives of children so that they become useful and important members of society. In this way they will reach out to their brothers and sisters all over the world in love and affection - the foundation for true world citizenship.

By engaging the minds of children and young people with Peace Mala educational activities at 'grass roots' level, we have great hope of helping to create a more responsible, caring and compassionate society. Education is the key to bringing about positive changes in behaviour and attitudes. Peace Mala is a powerful and effective educational tool which helps make this happen.

Many schools and groups are already engaging with initiatives that fit with our accreditation guidelines and have found that Peace Mala involvement enhances their efforts.


A growing number of schools across the UK are achieving Peace Mala Accreditation

How do I get started?
You will need the following educational materials to help you with your Peace Mala work:
  • Guide to the Peace Mala
  • Double Rainbow Peace Mala kits
  • Peace Mala DVD
  • Peace Mala book of peace prayers, mantras and noble saying
  • Sharing the Light ... a book which explains the power of pilgrimage
Go to the Purchasing section on our website for more detailed information and prices.

What will I need to do next?
Once you have received your educational materials and are using Peace Mala, keep a record of your activities and achievements and start completing the Peace Mala Review/Self Evaluation Form.

Peace Mala Review/Self Evaluation forms outlining the seven areas for action are available below. Please click for the form that suits your needs:

Download the Self Assessment form for Head Teachers (.xls format)
Download the Self Assessment form for Youth Workers (.xls format)
Download the Self Assessment form for Community Groups (.xls format)

The self assessment review form should be completed and sent to us with your recorded results and evidence. Your review will identify progress towards achieving all or most targets in the seven areas of the action plan.

Becoming a Peace Mala School
Becoming a Peace Mala School should be part of the whole School Development Plan approved by staff and the Governing Body. his needs to be shared with the whole school community. During every academic year, a chosen year group will study and explore Peace Mala by using the kits and educational materials. This encourages Peace Mala continuity in the school curriculum and ensures that every pupil will have encountered Peace Mala before they leave the school.

The importance of making a Peace Mala from a kit
Making a Peace Mala from a Kit
Part of the process of discovering the vision and message of the Peace Mala is the actual task of making it and then wearing it. Children, especially those of primary school age and first year in secondary, love making these bracelets.

As the Peace Mala bracelet is made with the tying of the first and final knot, and the threading of 15 symbolic beads, the child discovers, learns and remembers.

For children, the bracelet and its coloured beads appeal in a visual and tactile way. This is especially important for children who may have learning difficulties, but it is equally important for children of all abilities.

By using the senses, the message of the Peace Mala is:

  • Heard
  • Seen
  • Touched
  • Making the Peace Mala is also a fun activity at the end of all the research tasks. Full instructions and lesson guidance for this activity is found in the 'Guide for Teachers'.

    When made, children look forward to taking their Peace Malas home and being able to explain the symbolism and messages of this special bracelet to their friends, neighbours and family.

    Wearing the bracelet is also a reminder of what Peace Mala is about and that we should all try our best to keep the 'Golden Rule'.


    Achieving Accreditation
    Once we are happy that the criteria have been met and evidence produced, your school, youth group or community group will receive a Peace Mala Accreditation Certificate and will be invited to apply for a Peace Mala Flag.

    A Peace Mala School, Youth Group or Community Group will be expected to share good practice with others who wish to join our growing global community. Accredited schools and groups are also asked to keep in touch with the Peace Mala Registered Office on an annual basis to share their Peace Mala news that can be placed on Facebook, Twitter and our news desk.

    Renewing Accreditation
    Once accredited, be sure to keep your self assessment form up to date. After three years of continual engagement with the project, schools and groups can apply for Re-Accreditation. A Peace Mala Gold Award is awarded after the seventh year of continual engagement.

    We look forward to welcoming you to our Peace Mala Family of Accredited Schools and Groups.

    What will be the outcome?
    You will find evidence of what our accredited schools have achieved on our website. Please go to the home page and find our list of accredited schools and groups under the menu on the left hand side. You can click on their self assessment evidence.

    This is a interview Pam Evans gave to the Good Evening Wales programme on the importance of good religious education in schools.

    Some Comments about Peace Mala Accreditation

    Rachael Webb
    Headteacher Hafod Primary School Swansea Wales UK
    "Our school is a multicultural haven for the children of Hafod where we celebrate our differences and live in harmony. Peace Mala is central to what we do. The project work that we have undertaken with Peace Mala has made a huge difference to our pupils, staff and parents. Relationships between staff and parents have improved and this has made an impact on the community. Children understand and display tolerance, respect, kindness, understanding, friendship, hope, honesty, peace and unity. Everyone feels included."

    Hafod Primary School
    Hafod Primary School pupils in the Peace Garden at Peace Mala HQ

    Jayne Woolcock
    Penllergaer Primary School Swansea Wales UK
    "Our Peace Mala journey is a whole school one. Penllergaer Primary shares the spirit and message of Peace Mala. One of our aims is to create a safe and stimulating environment where all our children feel included and valued and learn respect and tolerance for other people. Peace Mala has given us an avenue to engage with others. Support from the community and various groups have enriched our children's experiences.

    Being a Peace Mala School is a reflection of what we are about and allows us to share common ideals and principles. Our children are our future. If they are instilled with sound values and equipped with the skills needed for lifelong learning, then we hope they will continue the journey for us."

    Penllergaer Pupils
    Penllergaer Pupils planning the Peace Mala Gower Pilgrimage with Ruth Davies

    Laura Daniels
    Head Teacher Woodheys Primary School Cheshire England UK
    "From the moment I laid eyes upon the Peace Mala bracelet, I knew that this was something very special, the missing link in education, the 'glue' that would bring together everything that we, as educators of tomorrow's global citizens are striving for.

    Being a Peace Mala School has transformed our lives and provided amazing opportunities for our pupils, including participation in October 2010 in the Peace Mala Festival of Interfaith and Culture for Education at Gorton Monastery on the Feast of St Francis on behalf of Greater Manchester Schools."

    Woodheys Primary School
    Woodheys Primary School Pupils in their world religion labyrinth

    Charles Parfitt
    Head of Alma Park Primary School Manchester England UK
    "The aims of Peace Mala fit exactly with the school ethos where children and staff work hard to treat one another with respect, where we celebrate festivals from different cultures and religions and encourage tolerance and appreciation of what each of us has to offer.

    Peace Mala has been an excellent focus for our work on bullying, prejudice and the environment and for our international school links."

    Alma Park Primary School
    Alma Park Primary School at their Peace Mala Accreditation Ceremony

    Carol Bassett
    Headteacher of Catwg Primary School Neath Port Talbot Wales UK
    "Catwg is proud of its inclusive ethos and we feel that the Peace Mala message fits perfectly with the work we do in school promoting peace, friendship and respect in celebrating diversity.

    The Peace Mala message is simple - we are part of a world community where everyone is unique and special. We all deserve to be treated with respect and to live in peace. We are looking forward to continuing our Peace Mala journey and sharing its message to help build a better world."

    Catwg Primary School
    Catwg Primary School pupils at their Peace Mala Accreditation ceremony

    Margaret Woodhouse, former Director of Education for Trafford Manchester UK, visited Woodheys and has this to say about Peace Mala:
    "This project is a key element in supporting the interfaith dialogue for peace ... it is well timed given the current rise in terrorism in the name of religion. All faiths focus on the importance of caring for all living things and working towards a peaceful society where all beliefs are recognised and accepted. The Peace Mala Project reflects these principles and these same principles underpin all of our work in schools in developing young citizens of tomorrow."

    trafford council

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