How to apply for Peace Mala Accreditation

peace mala educational materials

How do I get started?

You will need the following educational materials to help you with your Peace Mala work:

  • Guide to the Peace Mala
  • Double Rainbow Peace Mala kits
  • Peace Mala USB stick
  • Peace Mala book of peace prayers, mantras and noble sayings
  • Sharing the Light . . . a book which explains the power of pilgrimage

More detailed information, together with prices, is available on our Educational Materials page.

What will I need to do next?

Once you have received your educational materials and are using Peace Mala, keep a record of your activities and achievements and start completing the Peace Mala Review/Self Evaluation Form.

Peace Mala Review/Self Evaluation forms outlining the seven areas for action are available below. Please click the link for the form that suits your needs:

Self Evaluation Form for Schools (.docx format)
Self Evaluation Form for Youth Groups (.docx format)
Self Evaluation Form for Community Groups (.docx format)

The self assessment review form should be completed and sent to us with your recorded results and evidence. Your review will identify progress towards achieving all or most targets in the seven areas of the action plan.

Becoming a Peace Mala School

Becoming a Peace Mala School should be part of the whole School Development Plan approved by staff and the Governing Body. his needs to be shared with the whole school community. During every academic year, a chosen year group will study and explore Peace Mala by using the kits and educational materials. This encourages Peace Mala continuity in the school curriculum and ensures that every pupil will have encountered Peace Mala before they leave the school.

The importance of making a Peace Mala from a kit

peace mala kit

Part of the process of discovering the vision and message of the Peace Mala is the actual task of making it and then wearing it. Children, especially those of primary school age and first year in secondary, love making these bracelets.

As the Peace Mala bracelet is made with the tying of the first and final knot, and the threading of 15 symbolic beads, the child discovers, learns and remembers.

For children, the bracelet and its coloured beads appeal in a visual and tactile way. This is especially important for children who may have learning difficulties, but it is equally important for children of all abilities.

By using the senses, the message of the Peace Mala is:

Making the Peace Mala is also a fun activity at the end of all the research tasks. Full instructions and lesson guidance for this activity is found in the 'Guide for Teachers'.

When made, children look forward to taking their Peace Malas home and being able to explain the symbolism and messages of this special bracelet to their friends, neighbours and family.

Wearing the bracelet is also a reminder of what Peace Mala is about and that we should all try our best to keep the 'Golden Rule'.

peace mala bracelets
peace mala bracelets

Achieving Peace Mala Accreditation

First Level of Accreditation - Bronze Award

Once we are happy that the criteria have been met and evidence produced, schools, youth groups or community groups will receive a Peace Mala Accreditation Certificate and will also be invited to apply for a Peace Mala Flag. Once accredited, be sure to keep your self-assessment form up to date.

Schools and groups usually celebrate this wonderful achievement with a whole school or community/youth group assembly and invite local dignitaries including the Lord Lieutenant, High Sheriff, Lord Mayor or Mayor, Director of Education, MP and the Press. If the Founder of Peace Mala is available, she or another Peace Mala Ambassador will also attend.

After three years of continual engagement with the project, schools and groups can apply for Re-Accreditation. A Peace Mala Gold Award is awarded after the seventh year of continual engagement.

Second Level Re-Accreditation - Silver Award

By continuing to engage with Peace Mala for three years, schools and groups are entitled to apply for Peace Mala Re-Accreditation which takes them on to Level Two of the accreditation process.  Many of our schools and groups have already achieved this.

Third Level - Gold Award

After working with Peace Mala for seven years, schools and groups are in a position to apply for the third level of accreditation.  This is the Peace Mala Gold Award which celebrates outstanding Peace Mala work achieved by a school, youth group or community group.

Fourth Level - Platinum Award

After working with Peace Mala for ten years, schools and groups are in a position to apply for the fourth level of accreditation. This is the Peace Mala Platinum Award which celebrates the highest and most outstanding Peace Mala work achieved by a school, youth group or community group.

What will be the outcome?

You will find evidence of what our accredited schools and groups have achieved here on our website. Information, together with access to their Accreditation Evidence, is available under the Accreditation drop-down menu in the main navigation at the top of the page. Here you will be able to see what they have achieved

We look forward to welcoming you to our Peace Mala Family of Accredited Schools and Groups.

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